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December 2010

re chrome

The re chromed items are drawing a lot of interest over the last few days. The bumpers look fantastic. Triumphstagshop can get any item re chromed or powder coated for your Triumph Stag. We have now sent some petrol caps to be re chromed
and hope to have them back early in the new year.
Service items such as plug leads, spark plugs, air filters, oil filters,fuel filter, petrol cap seals, inner and outer, cam cover gaskets and all other gaskets for your Triumph Stag are availble on our website for any of you brave enough to service your Stag in this cold snowy weather.
I'm wondering if anyone actual reads these blogs.

Powder Coated

Powder coated page has now been added to the website. Hope to get some pics on soon of the range of items that we will offer.Air boxes, carb elbows, air duct and cam covers. The re chromed bumpers look stunning and have had a fair amount of interest. Other items include horseshoes, air ducts, cam covers, bonnet stay,bonnet catch, bonnet spring,chrome strips, petrol cap and thermostat housing for your Triumph Stag.Triumphstagshop has good quality original parts re chromed to an excellent standard.


Triumphstagshop now has adverts in the Triumph World magazine and  the Stag Owner
 club. We have been busy with all the chrome parts. The cam covers are very popular. The original parts seem popular too this time of year. I think its because people do the restoration work during the winter, to get their Triumph stag ready for the spring months. Maybe also away to escape the christmas shopping i think!

Chrome Triumph Stag pieces

The website is coming together now for the Triumphstagshop. Warren and myself(Debbie) have decided to try a blog to see how things go. It would be good to have direct communication with other people that are interested in the Triumph Stag too. We are in the process of putting lots of chrome parts on the website, which add the nice finishing touches to the classic stag, bumpers, chrome strips, horseshoes, carbs, petrol caps, locking plates etc We can do all the chrome pieces thay you require for your Triumph Stag.

New Pictures of Triumph Stag

Hi, Just added afew nice winter pics of Triumph Stag.