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January 2011

re chromed/powder coated

Today we are busy collecting all the original Triumph Stag parts from the chromers and powder coaters. we should have a good collections of items.The weather is getting warmer so maybe its time for servicing your Triumph Stag. Oil filter, air filter and spark plugs. It will soon be spring and time to get the Stag out of the garage. Lets hope for a good summer this year.
There is now a pic of both myself and Warren on our website and we are just putting together an editorial for the Triumph World magazine.


Today Warren and myself, Debbie, have been having some fun with our new camera taking some pics of an orginal orange Triumph Stag. We have also took some recording of a drive in the Stag and  are going to try and put the clip on youtube. A first for us, but just a bit of fun. Have been adding re chromed parts to the website and hope to put it live later.We have also been busy getting together as much re chromed parts as we can in preparation for the Stoneleigh show in March. The re chroming process does take some time to do. Taking the bumpers a part, removing the rear over riders, rear corner bumpers and the badge holders is a challenge in its self!
Getting hold of the original Triumph Stag parts in good  enough condition to re chrome is also a challenge. There seems to be less of them around. We feel at Triumphstagshop that it is worth the effort to ensure that the Stag is kept as much as possible with its orginal parts.
Some re chromed parts to be added are front and rear horseshoes, auto dipsticks, petrol caps, servo covers, bonnet catch and bonnet spring.

Triumph Stag For Sale

Triumph Stags For Sale, Full list of stags to be listed soon, Triumph stag mk1 and mk11 Auto and manual please contact us on 07595021777. or at
Some Nut and bolt Rebuilds, others good daily drivers.

Triumph Stag Chromed items and Quality Parts

Triumph stag Chromed items to be added to our web-site over the next few days, if you are looking for any item to be chromed please ring us on 08458384670 or 07595021777. The Triumph Stag Specialist in the midlands.