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February 2011 for all your stag parts

Triumph stag shop, All the parts you need, stock is increasing daily at the moment.
Very busy at moment, large stock of bumpers,panels,chromed engine parts,Alloys,interior, hood, hardtop, stag engine, lights,boot lid for the Triumph Stag.

Re chromed Triumph Stag parts.

The original Triumph Stag re chromed parts are getting a lot of interest. We have sold our last set of cam covers and will be picking up some more from the chromers next week. Its quite a long process from start to finish and the difficulties we find is to find the good quality parts in order to get them re chromed. When the parts are re chromed they look stunning. We are now busy trying to get as many parts sorted for the Stoneleigh show in March.
Anyone come up with any ideas for a spring offer on service items that we can offer to our customers? and remember we have no added VAT on any of our items.

Re chromed Triumph Stagparts.

We have now got some airboxes that we have just had powder coated. They look very good. We will shortly be collecting some airducts and carb elbows too.
The chromer has been busy and we have got some more front and rear bumpers, some overriders, horseshoes, both front and rear, petrol caps,carb elbows,bonnet spring,boot catch, servo covers. They look excellent.
We are now getting some sales on our new parts, cam gasket, fuel filters, spark plugs, oil filter and plug leads set. These items are all VAT FREE as we are a new company.
There will be an editorial  of us in the Triumph World magazine.
Trying to think of a good spring offer for our customers...... any good ideas welcome.