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My name is Warren and my name is Debbie. I have been interested in the Triumph Stag since being at college, which was back in the early 1980's. 

A friend of mine bought a Stag which attracted my attention. It was firstly the sound of the engine, and as we all know 

normally the first indication that a Stag is passing you by, I liked the look of the Stag. My mind was made up and at the age of 17 knew that one day would own a Stag.

I did not have to wait too long and at the age of 21 years managed to buy my first Triumph Stag. It was a 1973 MK 11 Mimosa yellow. It had holes in the floor and had no MOT. Then the guy started it up and I heard the engine sound and just had to buy it.

I had the for a few years and ended up spending a lot of time restoring it to its former glory. I then had to sell for a deposit on my first house.

The interest in them never left me. Each time passed one by or heard the engine knew would one day own another one.

Over the years have owned a few different ones, some good and others needing some loving care. I think once you have owned one you always seem to want another one. I have learnt lots about them over the years.

Triumph Stag Front Grill

Nice mk11 Stag with chromed bumpers and original parts. The Triumph Stag shop coventry

Mk11 Interior

Triumph stag mk11 Interior,with original and new triumph stag parts. The Triumph Stag Shop Coventry

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